Vocal Embodiment


Four Part Apprenticeship

Each Phase has 5 classes.

We meet online as a group once a week.

All of my offerings are Donation Based.

As my Navajo Grandmother says, "Healing is for Everyone."

Paying it forward, 10% of everything received goes to TreeSisters.org and 10% to the Aluna Fund.

What is Vocal Embodiment?

The throat chakra, it is the center of expression.   It is the pressure valve that expresses all the chakras and the entire system.   From my experience it is the missing link in finding harmony, balance and self-mastery.  There will always be something to ‘release’, let go of, or heal.  And at times we do require outside support in specialized fields.  However, once the voice is embodied it is rare that one will need to ‘run’ to a healer for help.  That consistent seeking of answers can finally come to an end if you allow it. 


Throughout all the courses, you will be activating and awakening dormant parts of yourself. Discovering the freedom of your unique expression.  And find the strength to share your gifts and hearts song.   While we journey through each chakra, activating these centers through sound.   Aligning the system and creating a clear and direct channel from above to below and below to above.  

We will work with both the feminine and masculine energies.

Opening, clearing, aligning and uniting the two. Creating a direct connection with our divine self and earth, embodied in physical form. Uniting the system as a whole embodied being through sound and the light of awareness.


These courses include daily private practices, movement, emotional heaing techniques, shared wisdom, counseling, spiritual coaching and of course lots of SOUND! 

I have specifically divided up this apprenticeship into a 4 part series.  Each course is 3 weeks long, 4 classes in total per course.  I have done this to allow time and integration between. Some of you will be ready to move onto the next phase right away, others may choose to take a period of time between, or perhaps you may feel that you received exactly what you needed in Phase 1. We are each on our own path.   You may sign up for all four, with a special reduced rate.  Or you may do one at time.  

Phase One:
From the Roots We Grow

Grounding is key and deals with this initial phase.  First, we must bring the sound all the down to our root chakra and activate this center. In 98% of my sessions with people, the sound frequency is never below the heart center.   But in order to awaken our full authentic expression, this frequency must come up from the root.  This is the key to embodiment.


So, in the first 4 classes we explore the root and the sacral chakras.  The vibration of your sound will and does break up blocked energy.  Past relationships, traumas, fears, insecurities, depression and more will be cleared. Creating the space for 


But with every release there is an ‘ah ha’ or magical realization.  This is where the healing is.  Yet, the key to embrace the healing is put action into the realization, and expression is action oriented.  


By the end of this phase, we will have created sufficient space within your root for healthy roots to grow.  With those roots, the space created in your sacral (womb for women) allows the creative light energy of who you are to seed.  


It is important to mention that this phase is directly connected to the feminine energy.  The feminine energy rises where the masculine energy descends.  This connection with the feminine energy is equally important in both men and women. 


Private sessions to support you in the process will be offered at a discounted price.  I also work with other energy practitioners who can assist with things in a different way than I do and can recommend them at request. 

Phase 2

Empowering the Heart

When you are ready to move onto phase 2, we will be moving up the body in sound exploring the solar plexus and heart chakra.  This phase is about empowerment now that you have stronger roots of strength.  It is also about opening and expanding the heart chakra, using the empowerment to follow your heart.  


If the body is like a rose, then the roots are in the root chakra.  The seeds are in the sacral.  The stem moves up through the solar plexus and the flower blossoms in the heart.  


First however, we will go into the heart chakra.  As this center needs to be larger than the solar plexus for correct direction and use of will.  If the solar plexus is too large the ego becomes imbalanced and the power from this center can be misdirected.   It must be directed through the heart, but sufficient space must be created there first. 


In this phase, you will also be clearing and realizing.  Grief, sadness, and rejection for example.  The stories will surface, which are important to feel.  However, these feelings are a creation of self-denial. The heart will transmute all pain and trauma through the light of love, forgiveness and gratitude.  Enabling you to embody joy, empowerment and humility in a healthy way.  


We will explore and discover healthy boundaries, clear heart centered communication, authentic responsibiity and the right use of will. 

Phase 3

Activating Divine Masculine

In phase three, we switch things up a little bit.  The first two phases where about bringing the energy up into the heart and feeling your authentic presence and expression.  In the following two phases we will be bringing the energy down, to also meet in the heart space.   Clearing your divine channel, masculine energy.   Connecting the mind with the heart.  


Here, we will focus on the crown and third eye.  (You may have noticed I have not specified the throat.  As we are using the voice to go into all these areas, this center will be being worked on, cleared and activated throughout all the phases. Aligning the throat with the natural expression of each center.)  Clearing away old belief patterns that disconnect us from the center of all things. 


By opening and clearing these centers a direct connection will be established with the mind, heart and body.  From this space, clarity will become more present and with this connection established the ability to create.  If the sacral is not connected to the mind through the heart, then there is no clarity and authentic true direction for the mind to go.  It wonders, goes into all sorts of strange places and tells strange stories, often called the ‘critical mind’.  


This is why we have wars, because man’s mind is not connected to his/hers heart and body.  


This channel must be fully cleared and aligned in order to embody our fullest authentic expression. I see no man as evil, only mis-aligned. Acting from places due to the entanglement experienced within.  

Phase 4

Receive & Embody Divine Self

In the final phase of this 4-part course, we will connect with our higher selves and soul star. Now that the crown, mind, throat, heart, solar, sacral and root is clear the body is able to receive the higher divine frequencies.  Some call this God, Source, Great Spirit, Creator, etc.  The name is not important and I am not here to tell you which is right or wrong.  It’s about connecting with your soul frequency.  


When the crown is opened too soon, a person cannot ground these frequencies through their body and into the earth.  Anchoring the light and expression of the self in the physical form.  (3D as some call it is not a bad thing.  It is the physical, which is a part of the universe. I watch many people trying to escape their physical life, wanting to leave their body.  But we chose to be here on this planet and in this physical form. It’s about learning how to anchor our soul expression in this human body.)


With a clear and aligned system, it is safe to receive these higher frequencies and easy to embody them. Living your true self in everyday life. Bringing through your unique gifts and frequency into the world for all to experience.  When we all share the authentic divine light of who we are, the rainbow bridge is formed.  Together we make up the whole.  


After these four phases have been completed, you may choose to partake in either my Sacred Partnership Course or my Creating Your Authentic Business Course.  


Thank you for taking the time to read through what I was born to offer and share.  If you have any questions, please feel a warm invitation to reach out.  I’m here with an open heart.  

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Vocal Embodiment Apprenticeship

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