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The Eternal You

The throat chakra is the pressure valve that expresses all of the other chakras.  When a throat chakra is suppressed or locked down, then the other chakras get all tied up, knotted up, and imbalanced as well.


As you can see, all of our chakras create the vibrant rainbow.  When each are in full expression then a sense of self is embodied and freedom is felt. This is the ultimate release.

So, the throat chakra is each person's unique instrument designed to keep the physical body in harmony with source.  Try to imagine the movement of these chakras, as if it where a harmonic wave.  Our bodies are not still like 2D pictures.  So, when we are using our voice properly it will tune the rest of the chakras into perfect harmony. 

Sometimes, we get out of tune.  And just like a guitar you can tune yourself back into harmony.  This is what I call the Ascension Process.  Through my own personal tuning I have experienced instant transformation and ascension.  All that tight, balled up energy can easily be released through the voice.  

I do this by going into the places that sound ‘ugly’.  That’s right, I’m giving you full permission to sound as horrible as you can.  The only way to release something is to touch it, experience it, express it, sound it.   So, you need to go to those ugly places to tune your guitar.  And when you do, I GUARANTEE that magic will happen.

It is by going into these 'ugly' places, where we have built so many road blocks, that we can easily and comfortably get things moving again.  Remember, we are not 2D pictures.  We are moving creatures.  Our energy moves and spirals around our body, creating sounds.   Illness and issues arise due to energy that is not moving. And through sound you can joyously return to movement.  Yes, it is that simple.

Sound gets deeper!

Sound is the universal language.  This is how many beings communicate with us.  Think about it, all words start with a sound or a feeling.  And you can communicate multi-dimensionally through sound.
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