"I love and appreciate you so much Christina! I’ve stepped into my authentic voice and sound with nature in so many ways since I’ve worked with you - forever grateful for that opening and experience. I continue to sing and sound with the medicine that’s within and around me... I’m dedicated to being free in this expression, exploring life there - and to continue to learn, grow, stretch, share, and be free."

- Aurora Casey

"My relationship with sound has grown since Christina showed me how profound and immediate emotional healing can occur when working with the voice. Before this I sought healing through the mind, which left me with more questions as opposed to answers I could actually feel within my body and soul."

- Joel

"I am so grateful to Christina for encouraging me to open my voice, navigate my resistance in identify my stagnation and hold sacred space for me to purge my blockages to embodying my raw power with tenderness of presence. Thank you Christina, I look forward to our next encounter!"

 Massive mountains of love, Senaja

"Christina is an amazing sound alchemist.  Her use of sound through her voice, crystal bowls, drum and rattle is able to reach in and unlock and activate areas of your true self, your "Divine Blueprint". Which in my case has allowed me to come more into my own voice and power. My session with her in Mt. Shasta was powerful and life changing. Through her intuitive voice and song she led me to a place within myself that I was able to step out of my comfort zone and release my own voice in a way I had always blocked, I left the sessions feeling open and transformed, like I had found a lost piece of me.  The transformation has lasted too. It's now almost 6 months later and my "voice" continues to unfold in many areas of my life. Thank you Christina for a beautiful and life expanding experience!"

- Bob B.

"Christina gave me a hug last year and my whole body shook, energy yes!  Wow! She has got plenty of energy all right."

- Wilf

"Thank you Christina for our incredible healing session last night! I awoke this morning feeling clear and like myself again."

- Tahlia

"I had a Reiki treatment from Christina and found the work very soothing, clearing, and healing! She imparted a lot of love, peace, and wisdom."

- Sheridan

All of my private sessions are Donation Based.

As my Navajo Grandmother says, "Healing is for everyone."

Offer what is whole and true to your heart at the end of the session.

16% of everything received gets donated to the Land & Indigenous Elders

Regardless of what you choose each session is unique based on the person in front of me.

For me its about listening to the soul, seeing through the layers, and helping you emerge strong and clear.

These prices reflect my value as a healer. However, no one is turned away.  Regardless of your financial situation, if you are called to do this work please contact me.

1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


Grass Valley, CA 95945

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