Sound Codes


I channel sound codes that are specific for you

and where you are at NOW.  

I work very closely with a variety of sound specialists.  One is my Mayan spirit guide that I’ve named Maya.  She was a sound specialist in her time and is continuously guiding me on this journey.  I also work with the Pleiadians, Hathors, Angels, Ascended Masters, Grandmothers, and Source.


What are Sound Codes?

Sound Codes are energetic transmissions.  Sound is a inner and inter galactic language. These transmissions upgrade and activate your Divine Blueprint.


They open inner channels and doorways of Remembering.  Activating your DNA and your memory.  Please know that if you found yourself here reading this, then you have been guided here for a reason.

During private sessions I open the Stargates (within & without) so that your Star Family can communicate with you (if they want to and if its the right time).  Sometimes its an ancestral lineage that comes through.  It really varies on the individual.  These codes are specific to YOU and your Divine Blueprint.

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