Sacred Feminine

The art of a being a woman is a beautiful and sacred journey of opening.   It is a space of dreaming, birthing and weaving our creations into life.  We are the water carriers, from the waters of the womb all humans are born. 


Our wombs are sacred gardens.  Our nurturing and life-giving purpose needs to be held, protected and provided for.  We need to be protected and provided for.  The keys to harmony and balance exist within our very being.  We are the dreamers and visionaries of ‘heaven on earth’. 


Are you ready to remember? To walk this sacred path of initiations the way the grandmothers would pass on this sacred wisdom.


To be a woman requires strength.  But not the kind of strength you may be used to.  It’s a softer strength.  A receptive strength, that holds a great deal of power.  This power must be properly guided just as a flower grows into creation. If the seed does not grow according to the natural order it will not survive and turn into a beautiful plant/flower.


Currently in our society, many woman are too masculine as they’ve assumed the biological masculine role of protector/provider with the false belief that this is where they discover their strength. 


Yes, many beautiful awakenings have unfolded in our ‘empowered feminine movements’ that opened the doors to us yet again.  But now it is time to remember our role and reclaim our proper seat so that the feminine and the masculine can come into balance.  


Many of these ways are not to be shared with men, they are the secrets of women.  It is our job to share our visions so that the men can put them into action.  But first, this vision that is a garden must be protected and provided for. 


Women hold the key to awakening the divine masculine.  


Biologically, women are nurturer/life-givers.  Men are protector/providers.   When women ‘remember’ the true role of life-giver/nurturer it will activate and awaken the protector/provider in the man. 


At this time, because women’s beliefs around this are mis-guided the men are seeking the fulfillment of this biological drive in unhealthy ways.  Instead, they are creating wars to protect.  


I’m aware this is a very sensitive topic for women, as various women hold many traumas in the womb from this life or past lives because of this separation between the healthy masculine and healthy feminine.  We can spend eons looking for the where and why, or we can make the shift now. 


Each woman is unique, like a flower.  If you choose to journey with me I will guide you on a path of awakening the feminine, releasing past traumas, and opening your center of expression so that your creations can be expressed.   What we do is entirely dependent on where you are and what you need.


Through movement, self-love, vocal work, receptivity, softness, elegance, and empowerment through knowing your worth remember the way of the sacred feminine. 

All my services are based on donation.  As my Navajo Grandmother says, "Healing is for everyone."


As I believe in paying it forward, 10% of everything I receive goes to and 10% goes to the Aluna Fund.

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