Sacred Sound Journey

Liberate Your Voice

Heart of Bali

December 6 - 12

Women Only

Donation Based Journey

Water Purification ~ Sacred Sites ~ Fire Ceremony


There is a place where we all meet and that is in the heart, expressing our truest selves.


Come join this sacred circle with Christina Wells and Adibuddha. We enter in prayer honoring the ancestors of this land and asking for safe passage.  Purifying our hearts in the springs of the holy waters we RISE into our soul’s expression.  Balancing the internal elements of nature with every step in shared resonance.  We fly on the wings of spirit in sacred song as we set ourselves free.  Giving life to the fire that lights up our unified field of the passionate heart liberated to safely be expressed within the structures of our body.   

Liberate Your Voice ~ Unite in the Heart ~ Sacred Sound

The throat chakra is the pressure valve that expresses the whole system. The journey into its opening is one of pure joy and liberation when walked through the pathway of the heart.  Resistance creates pain which is the symptom of unexpressed energy.  Fear is merely a CALL FOR LOVE!  


Are you ready to LOVE yourself and ALLOW ALL OF YOU to be expressed?

Are you ready to MOVE through the resistance and experience the freedom of your unique expression?  Are you ready to FEEL SUPPORT and be HEARD?


Together, let's shine like the radiance that we are as FAMILY!


Confidently Speak and Live Authentically!

Feel grounded and in tune with your body!

Find your true voice!

Unleash your inner song to the world!

Along the Journey We Will...

Connect with Bali and our Ancestors

Acknowledge our Sacred Body & Create Space for Light

Learn about SOUND & Liberate our Voices

Receive Water Purifications at Sacred Sites

Open our Hearts & Unite with Family

Go to the Throat Chakra Temple of Bali

Play with Various Instruments

Dance and Sing in Sacred Sound

Harmonize & Connect with Nature

Remember the Truth at Sacred Waterfall Site

Integrate with a Beach Fire Ceremony

Create Global Healing

To Speak and to Live Authentically Allows Us to be Truly Free

I am SO excited to share this experience with you!  It has been my dream to bridge my work with the indigenous and this is the first of many to come!!

I began working closely with Adibuddha, a Balinese Priest, in June of this year when I joined a group on a 13 day Bali Temple Journey.  This experience changed my life forever!  Things that where hard wired incorrectly came into alignment and my heart bursted open.  Adibuddha emanates kindness, love, compassion and generosity and his presence is inspiring and healing.

Discover Bali by connecting to its ROOTS.

Daily Schedule

Some of the the structure may change and this is where we balance and practice our 'surrendering' to the flow. 


Day 1

9:00 am: Opening Ceremony w/ Christina

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Toning Chakras & Vocal Awakening

'Receive Water Song'

3:30 pm: Sound Healing

4:30 pm: Journal / Reflect Break

6:00 - 8:00 pm: Opening Ceremony w/ Adibuddha

Day 2

6:00 am: Leave for Sunrise Water Purification

10:00 am: Return for Breakfast

11:00 am: Leave for Throat Chakra Temple

'Special Activations at Temple'

Estimated arrive back in Ubud around 6pm

Day 3

9:00 am: Morning Offering & Mandala Creations

10:00 am: Breathwork / Movement

11:00 am: The Naked Truth Sharing Circle

12:30 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Sacred Heart Sound Circle

3:00 pm: Healing Touch of Embrace

6:00 pm: Close for Day

Day 4

9:00 am : Morning Offerings & Mandala Creations

10:00 am: Breathwork / Movement

11:00 am: Sharing Circle / Language of Light

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Toning & Vocal Practice

2:00 pm: Crystal Bowl Workshop

3:00 pm: Soul Sound Circle

4:00 pm: Yoga Nidra / Meditation 

6:00 pm: Close for Day

Day 5

9:00 am: Morning Offerings & Mandala Creations

10:00 am: Breathwork / Movement

11:00 am: Sharing Circle

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Meditation Toning

2:00 pm: Vocal Alchemy

4:00 pm: Art of Receiving & Giving

6:00 pm: Close for Day

Day 6

(Surprise Beach Location ! !)

8:00 am: Group Sharing/Check-In Circle

9:00 am: Leave for a Unknown Beach in Bali

1:00 pm: Waterfall / Water Purification Ceremony

3:00 - 6:00 pm: Beach Break & Hotel Check-In

7:00 pm: Beach Fire Ceremony & Feast

'Stay overnight'

Day 7 (optional)

Return to Ubud

For those interested we can stay an extra day (not included in deposit)

I will arrange Relaxing and Nature Tours (Likely Sunrise)

Stay overnight again at Beach!

For those that need/want to leave on this day will check-out and return to Ubud



Water & Coconut Water

1 Night Accomodation (last evening)


Pricing Details

"Healing is for Everyone."

~ Patricia Anne Davis

Patricia and Adibuddha have been role models of pure generosity in my life. They have reminded me the true meaning of healing and spirituality.  We are each in a different financial place and I want to meet all those ready to journey with me and Adibudha!

Donation Based Journey

The deposit covers the estimated costs of food, offerings, transport and one night of accommodation.

$300 USD Deposit

At the end of the journey offer what is whole and true in your heart to Adibuddha and myself.

8% - 16% of everything received is further donated to either an Elder or planting trees via

This retreat is funding the production of Christina Wells Debut Album 'Bridging the Worlds'.

Thank you ahead of time for your support!

Journey Lead By

Christina Wells


Christina Wells is a Singer, Sound Healer, Vocal Coach and Wisdom Keeper.  She was born from a pagan lineage of healers and seers; with gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  As a teenager she was taught about the physical body, emotional body and the auric body. Her life has been dedicated to bridging these bodies into a harmonic resonance with the natural world to free the heart’s pure soul expression.  


Integrating her 20 years of experience in the field of ‘healing’, Christina has developed a unique self-healing method. She focuses on grounding and being in the body.  From this space the channel opens up to receive the divine light that we each are.


 She has catalyzed, inspired and awakened growth and change in hundreds of people’s lives around the world.  For at the core of every human, we all want to experience joy, love and growth.  


Her current mission is about bridging the worlds between our indigenous ancestors and celestial ancestors so that humanity can move in a harmonious one heart expression with this planet for the benefit of the whole. 


Adibuddha is a Balinese Priest (Manku) whose work is primarily focused with nature and the ancestors.  In his mid-thirties his ancestors chose him to become the Manku in his family. Since then, he has surrendered to his 'duty'. He is always available and always saying yes to helping people. Bringing love and joy into the lives and many people that he works with.

He is currently working to build his family a home in north of Bali with his ancestors.  All donations offered go towards the building of this place.

Important Info

The energy of these sacred sites and ceremonies can be very powerful.  Once you say yes the journey begins.  So it is important to know that if you begin to experience resistance, doubt, confusion, etc then take a deep breath and know that this is part of the clearing / healing process.  Things are merely surfacing into your awareness so that you may restore peace and harmony into your being along the journey.  Please know, I am available for support from the moment you commit! This is going to be FUN! DEEP! EMPOWERING WEEK! 

If you are on your woman's monthly cycle you cannot join in any of the Balinese Ceremonies, so check the calendar and make sure these dates will work for you. If something happens last minute we will navigate it 

Donation Based Retreat

$300 USD Deposit (cover costs)

December 6 - 12

Grass Valley, CA 95945

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