Private Sessions

Enter a space of fierce unconditional love.  

Your voice has more power than you know.  Are you ready to start living the vision you feel inside?


I am an open channel with a very large toolbox. I carry the blessings from Christ within my soul frequency and my soul acts as a bridge between cosmic energies and this earthly realm.  To learn more about me and my gifts click here.

Re-Member the Power of Your Voice

Sound Code & Vocal Activations

Soul Retrieval & Activations

Ground, Embody, Align

Learn to Sing

Emotional & Trauma Release

Energetic Clearings, Rebalancing & Recalibrations

Spirit Messages & Ancestral Clearing

Womb & Voice Activations

Mothers - Sing in the Soul & Prepare Spirit for Earth Walk

Kids - Rainbow Playground

Coaching & Training available

Sessions Available Online & In-Person


First Session is 2-3 Hours and typically 90 minutes after that

Recording of the Session

Post-Session Support & Integration

Teachings & Tools to work on at home

All of my private sessions are Donation Based.

As my Navajo Grandmother says, "Healing is for everyone."

Offer what is whole and true to your heart at the end of the session.

16% of everything received gets donated to the Land & Indigenous Elders

Regardless of what you choose each session is unique based on the person in front of me.

For me its about listening to the soul, seeing through the layers, and helping you emerge strong and clear.

These prices reflect my value as a healer. However, no one is turned away.  Regardless of your financial situation, if you are called to do this work please contact me.

1 Session


2 Sessions


3 Sessions


Grass Valley, CA 95945

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