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We Are Limitless Beings

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have prior to booking or purchasing.

To book, please contact me to schedule a session.

Also, please note that as a medicine woman each session is unique and not constricted to the list below.  This list is to give you an idea of what I can offer you.

I am also open to trades and donation when spirit guides me to. ~ May We Rise Together

Sound Code Activation Recording  $33

I channel sound codes that activate, clear, upgrade, and align your field.  These transmissions upgrade and activate your Divine Blueprint. This is a layered process and may or may not include communication with your star family.  I work very closely with the Pleidians, Hathors, Angels, and Source.  However, I channel a variety of others and open the stargates to allow the communication that is in your highest and best to come through.  Each recording is about 15 min.

Would you like a sound code activation specific for you?  Send me a message with your desired intention or what is taking place for you in the Now.  ~ Blessings

Sound Code Transmissions - 1 hr  $88

We can meet online or in person, and for a solid hour allow yourself to receive the sound code transmissions that are wanting to come through for you in the NOW.

These transmissions are highly activating and healing.  They will awaken you.


Are you manifesting abundance, career, love, healing, etc?  Is there a specific deity, race, or consciousness that you want to receive the transmission from? My channeling is limitless and comes from a place that is in alignment with source.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Vocal Activation Sound Journey - 2 hr   $111

This is by far, one of my favorite offerings.  It is truly a co-created journey.  During this journey you receive a combination of my offerings, taking you within to discover what is longing to come out and be heard.  As a medicine woman, I never really know how this unfolds...but typically it includes a sound code clearing and download that transforms into you stepping into your vocal power and claiming of the self. 

Let's dive deep together, into the seat of your soul to discover what is ready to be heard.  This session very often helps people to discover their light language and inner voice that was once suppressed, a soul song emerges, an emotional release occurs, an awakening takes place, or all of the above.  Remember, you are the master of your ship.  I am merely your guide in the journey ~ offering you support.  What you take away from this journey depends on You!  Release all expectations and trust.

Online or In-Person

Please contact me with what is currently happening in your life. 

I offer 15 minute phone/skype consultations prior to embarking on this journey with you.

Discover Your Soul Song - 1 hr  $88

Here we are specific, journeying together to the time and space before you took this physical form.  From this space of eternal knowingness, connection, and source we discover the song that your consciousness sings/emenates/vibrates.

This is a song that will resonate deeply within you, remembering your eternal expansive self.  Relish in the beauty that is YOU! Even if you feel you cannot sing, let me assure you that your voice is unique and beautiful.  Let me help you discover it :)

Vocal Coaching/Training

Are you looking to clear away any distortions you may have with your voice?  Be it through communication or singing.  I have extensive experience and training in both areas, as this has been my souls focus since I was a child.

I help you release blockages that stand in your way of owning your voice in an empowered way.  And I give you tools to help you grow and improve the quality of your voice to higher match your souls vibration.  Each person is unique in what they are looking for or needing. So, if you are feeling drawn to this I recommend contacting me and we can develop a plan that best suits what you need right now.

A minimum of 3 sessions is required for this option.

Emotional Healing - 1 hr  $66

As humans living in a society of diversity, sometimes we find ourselves repeating patterns that are not in alignment with where we want to be.  From my perspective this is usually because of an emotion that has been trapped in the body and/or a belief program that can be changed if you allow it.

I use a combination of EFT, ThetaHealing and intuitive guidance to help you release and heal what is present for you.

Are you seeing patterns in your relationships that are dissatisfying?

Are you reacting in ways that is not pleasing to you?

Are you ready for a change?

These sessions are done in person or online.

Spiritual Midwife ~ for Women

Can you feel something is wanting to be birthed inside of you?

Are you stepping into a deeper alignment with yourself and need support?

Allow the mother energy to hold you while we journey into your womb, the seat of your unique creation and expression.  What is ready to come through you?

Contact me to discuss more...

A minimum of three sessions required for this work.

Discover the Feminine ~ for Men

Has the mother been calling you?

Are you feeling the desire to soften, to learn the true meaning of surrender, and how to connect with the divine mother?

In the past year, men have been coming to me and receiving codes of the divine feminine.  If this resonates with you, contact me for more information.

A minimum of 3 sessions required for this work.

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