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Awaken yourself through sound and voice!

Discover the POWER of Your Voice!

Find Freedom in Expression!

Learn to Heal Yourself through Sound!


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Private Coaching

I was born a singer and communication has been my focus throughout my whole life.  In 2015 I experienced my kundalini awakening.  It was during this experience that I re-membered myself through voice.  I was divinely guided through my heart, inner knowing and passion for sound to bring forth the teachings that I share with everyone today. 


It’s funny, when I look back I can see how I had been training for this my whole life. 

I LOVE WHAT I DO! And I am grounded in it!

No matter where you are on your spiritual path or if you are even on one, it doesn't matter.  This work is for everyone! And all are welcome!

  • Learn to Sing

  • Speak Your Truth

  • Open and Activate Your Chakras

  • Clear Blocks and Emotional Trauma

  • Heal the Physical Body*

  • Open Your Voice

  • Discover FREEDOM and JOY

  • Find Harmony and Balance

  • Meditate with Sound


If healing sounds are coming through you​ and you KNOW you need to be using your voice, then you have come to the right place!  I've helped many open to this and expand/deepen into this. Trust me when I say, I know! And if I don't, I'll tell you.


Read more about me and my story here


If you have found yourself here, then you are ready.  That I trust and know.  Whether you are a man, woman or child its important for everyone to open his or her throat chakra.  Especially during these times when so many are awakening, its vital we learn how to communicate from the heart with health boundaries and is one of the highest acts of self-love I know.  In my work, I combine structure with fluidity to allow a balanced and harmonized experience. 



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Maybe you know you too have a healing voice and need support in opening it up so that you can share it! Then you have DEFINITELY come to the right place!


I have very specific steps that I have put together to unlock, activate and awaken these areas within you!  I am your guide, sharing with you what I see, hear and feel according to my highly attuned senses.  Trust me, I can HEAR what's happening! Lol!


But there is only one way to activate the throat chakra – that is through ACTION. 



I can do a lot of amazing things with my voice and I do channel specific frequencies to awaken dormant aspects of your inner being.  However, once I share these frequencies with you, in order to fully anchor them and actualize them YOU must embody them!

(Check out my Vocal Sound Healings - here I offer the sound transmissions of my voice i a full and complete private session.)


I am here with you, 200%. I am extremely gifted at motivating and supporting people!  I have a fire, strength and softness in me to help you cross bridges, that perhaps you thought unimaginable.  I'm grounded, playful, authentic, and real. But I can’t do all the work alone.  You will only activate what you are ready to, nothing more.   I will show you the doors and I will guide you through them, but I can’t drag you through them.  ( Well, I kinda can…but its really hard that way! LOL )

In each session you'll get all of me - teacher, healer, intuitive channel, empath, medicine woman, sound specialist, and clairaudient/voyant/setient/ambient abilities.

Coaching Package:

Ideally, we meet once a week.  In between sessions you are practicing what I've taught you.  You receive workbook with package! There is always more to learn, but in these 5 sessions I provide the learning blocks from which you build upon.


5 Sessions

1 - 1.5 Hours / Session


Daily Homework/Practices Available

Email Support

Individual Sessions:

Continued Learning, Support and Guidance after Initial 5 session package!

Must begin with package above first.

1 - 1.5 Hours / Session

Email Support

Daily/Weekly Homework Available


30 min - 1 hr / Session

Homework Provided

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Vocal Activation

Private Coaching Package

5 Sessions: $444

If you are ready to begin opening your voice NOW, but you don't have $444, then please check out my Vocal Activation Group Courses

Private Session

Healing is for everyone, if you are struggling financially and need help, please contact me!

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