Energy Clearing

I am a psychic, empath, open channel, energy healer, sound alchemist, vocal activator, and medicine woman.  I combine many gifts and tools into one session.

  • Clear Blocked Energy

  • Release Trapped Emotions

  • Ancestral, Past Life, Soul Healing

  • Spirit Attachments

  • DNA Activations

  • Chakra & Aura Clearing, Opening and Balancing

  • Heart Wall Clearing

  • Relationship - Cord Cutting

  • Womb Clearing

  • Grounding & Anchoring the Light

Energy Clearing happens on various layers and throughout various aspects of our lives.  In a single session we may work through multiple things.

In every session we will clear, open, balance and ground the process for a full integrated experience.

All sessions include teaching methods.  It is my mission to help you self-actualize.  For this reason, I offer you tools and homework to assist you on your journey of Self-Healing and Mastery.


  • Walk away empowered and with tools

  • Feel lighter, energized and alive

  • Discover more joy and manifest dreams

  • Awaken and Ascend

All healing is a co-created journey.  You are responsible for yourself, so your healing depends on how you show up for yourself before, during and after the session.  It isn't until a person puts the things learned into action that one grows and ascends.


The body needs one week to integrate the healing and recalibrate.  Just like a caterpillar goes into a cocoon before turning into a butterfly.  During this time, it is important you follow a few guidelines to anchor in the work we do together.

Sometimes, people feel tired or achey for a couple days after a session.  That's completely normal, just rest and drink lots of water.  Your body is integrating and completing the healing!

Communicate, let your loved ones know that you are integrating a healing.  This is probably the most important thing you can do.  This way they are aware of where you are, and you free yourself from feeling obligated to do certain things.

Sorry - but No Sex for at least 3 days!! Best to wait a week :)  

Your aura and energy body is healing.


Nurture and Love Yourself

Allow the Process

Rest and Drink Lots of Water

Listen to Your Body

Take Time for Yourself

Create Healthy Boundaries


No alcohol, drugs, marijuana or other hallucinogens

Healing is for everyone.  

We are all in different financial situations, for this reason I work based on donations.  

Recommended Donation: $44  - $88

Contact Me

Mount Shasta, CA 96094

Grass Valley, CA 95945

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