Personal Sessions

All of my private sessions are Donation Based.

As my Navajo Grandmother says, "Healing is for everyone."

Offer what is whole and true to your heart at the end of the session.

16% of everything received gets donated to the Land & Indigenous Elders

Regardless of what you choose each session is unique based on the person in front of me.

For me its about listening to the soul, seeing through the layers, and helping you emerge strong and clear.

Vocal Awakening Private Session

Free your voice

Release Fear & Trauma

Ancestral Clearing

Empowering Confidence

Womb & Voice

Light Language

Soul Song

Each session is unique based on where you are blocked around your voice. 

In Person or Via Zoom : 1.5 - 2 hours

Sound Journey Healing & Activation

Journey with me through sound and voice into the depths of your being. 


Ancestral Healing 

Soul Retrieval & DNA Re-Membering

Chakra Clearing, Opening, Aligning

In these specialized sessions I channel specific sound codes for your soul & DNA to clear, activate and upgrade your system.

*In-Person or Private Recording (sent via email)

The Self-Healing Voice 

Clear, Open and Align yourself with the Power of your voice. 

Release and clear fear, trauma, anger, sadness, grief, rejection, suppression, physical pain, and much more.

In these private sessions I assist you in clearing your chakras and meridians with your own voice.

In-Person or Online via Zoom: 1.5 hours

Sound of Light Healing Transmission

In these specialized sound healing I focus purely on channeling the celestial sound codes of light.

I will guide you into a meditation and allow the cosmos to unfold.

These sessions are 1 - 1.5 hours long.

In Person or Privately Recorded (sent via email)

Pre-Natal ~ Pregnancy

Clear the pathway for a safe passage onto the earth plane, and if it is time sing the baby into your womb.

Learn to Connect with your unborn baby with your voice.

Preparation for Orgasmic Birthing.

*In Person or Online via Zoom

Sacred Feminine Initiations

A journey into the womb of being a woman. 

Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Space, Spiritual Mid-Wife

Sisterhood, Moon Cycles, Earth Wisdom

Cleanse, Reclaim, Empower, Restore Balance as a Woman

There is a voice, deep within. Are you ready to embody and become all that you are?

3 Session Minimum for any initiation.

Grass Valley, CA 95945

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