Private Sessions

Currently all sessions are based on donation.

Paying it forward I give 10% to and 10% to the Aluna fund.

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Awakening Into Harmony

Sound of Body and Mind

About Private Sessions

I work online or in-person, depending on someone's location. 


A private session is about 90 minutes. Sometimes longer or shorter depending on your needs.

For me, it's not about the time - its about you.

First sessions often run a little longer.

Every person is different.  And Every session is different.

This description is for you logical brain, however I'm not locked into following it. I'm set on following the guidance of what you need.


I'm a master tracker of the emotional body and patterns, and I can hear the frequencies in your voice and feel them in your body. Our energy system is a beautiful mandala when all the channels are clear, open and flowing harmoniously.  As an empath, intuitive channel, and energy worker I am assessing your system on various layers so that I can help you open your channels as you realize your true self.


The first 15 - 20 minutes is a briefing, we discuss what is happening with you, your voice and in your life. I'll typically ask you questions regarding your past, family/relationships/etc.  During this time I am getting to know you and your energy body, assessing where certain blocks may be in relation to mind/body.  Blocks can be a variety of things like outside interference, stuck emotions/traumas, or belief patterns.  

Discussing things brings light of awareness to what is transpiring.

Transparency and Authenticity

These two things clear the throat chakra and energy channels while aligning the system with coherent harmonics.


After the our briefing/discussion, we will go into the interactive part of the session.  First we'll do a brief meditation and prayer prior to beginning. Then, I'll begin guiding you through a variety of sound/movement based on what I feel and sense is needed.  In this process you'll be clearing areas in your throat chakra while simultaneously clearing other areas of your body with your voice.  In the first session, I generally work on the root and sacral - your foundational base (unless I'm guided elsewhere).


When we are finished with the second phase, we will close with another meditation to align and integrate the session.  I will provide you with some recommended things to practice in your personal time. And you'll have the opportunity to ask me some questions.  Then we close :) 


If you choose to work with me more than once, then we'll have the opportunity to go deeper.  Working our way up and through the system.  It doesn't always happen in a direct line but often does.  My main focus is empowerment.  I love teaching and helping people to master their own healing journey in life.  So I give lots of tools, recommended 'homework', etc.  

Pre-Session Recommendations

I recommend blocking 2 - 3 hours of your schedule if you can. This allows for integration time afterwards.  If you have a very busy schedule than create what space you can :)

For online sessions:

Find a space where you are alone and can make lots of noise and move around.  

Ideally at home, outdoors is wonderful if you are completely alone.

Make sure you have excellent wifi/cell service.

Make sure your phone/laptop is fully charged or charging cables nearby.

Post-Session Recommendations

Rest and drink lots of water.

What most healers don't know or tell you:

Proper integration after a session. After any session that deals with the energy body the aura is reforming, healing, and integrating.  Imagine a bubble, it can easily pop when touched. Your aura is fragile after a session, it needs time to strengthen and recalibrate.  With these recommendations, as always just do the best you can.  As your sensitivity expands these practices will become more important for you.  


Limit physical contact with people for at least one day, (no hugging).

No sex or masturbation for 3 days best, one day minimum.

No alcohol or drugs.

Drink lots of water!

Follow your intuition, not your impulses.

Maybe your thinking, "What if I am filled with energy and super excited after a session? What if I want to go out and sing and dance? What if I want to share my open heart and love with others?"

If your feeling this that is AWESOME! I'm not saying don't go out and play, dance, sing and share space with others. Just don't hug or rub your body real close to others, have intimate relations with someone, or put yourself in an environment of alcohol or drugs (outside interference tends to linger around these spaces and after a session its best to avoid these areas).  If someone wants to hug, I always smile and bow in namaste - sending love from my heart to theirs. No one ever gets offended that I'm aware of :)  This is a beautiful practice of feeling and being in your space while around others. It helps you to develop and know your boundaries and confidently hold them from your heart space.

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