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I designed these online courses so that people could learn from home.

Retreats are awesome and transformational, but a lot of information is packed into 8-12 days.  This does not leave a lot of room for integration and practice.  It takes 21 days for something to become a habit. 

During these online courses you get the opportunity to practice at home, immediately integrating the work into your life.

I have designed a series of courses, depending on your time and schedule.

About Vocal Activation

Sound is the seed of creation.  It pierces the void so that all of life's magical possibilities can be experienced and discovered.

I see humanity as a field of flowers.  There are butterflies, birds, flowers, weeds, insects, animals, plants, and more.  Each of these unique creatures is vibrating and singing their unique song.  Each one celebrates the song of the other and together they create the beautiful landscape we see as the harmonious heaven on earth.

May we awaken to our unique gifts, expressing ourselves with joy and pride at being a part of this collective community on Mother Earth.  May we feel free to be ourselves completely!

The throat chakra is the pressure valve that expresses all of the other chakras.  When a throat chakra is suppressed or locked down, then the other chakras get all tied up, knotted up, and imbalanced as well.  We see this in relationships with others and the environment.

For thousands of years humanity has lived in suppression and killed for speaking their truth. That was then...NOW we are waking up to power of our voice to embody and express the divine within.


As you can see, all of our chakras create the vibrant rainbow.  When each are in full expression then a sense of self is embodied and freedom is felt. This is the ultimate release.

So, the throat chakra is each person's unique instrument designed to keep the physical body in harmony with source.  Try to imagine the movement of these chakras, as if it where a harmonic wave.  Our bodies are not still like 2D pictures.  So, when we are using our voice properly it will tune the rest of the chakras into perfect harmony.  And as within, so without.

Sometimes, we get out of tune.  And just like a guitar you can tune yourself back into harmony.  This is what I call the Ascension Process.  Through my own personal tuning I have experienced instant transformation and ascension.  All that tight, balled up energy can easily be released through the voice.  

I do this by going into the places that sound ‘ugly’.  That’s right, I’m giving you full permission to sound as horrible as you can.  In doing so, you move through blocked, clogged, and dormant energy.   So, you need to go to those ugly places to tune your guitar.  And when you do, I GUARANTEE that magic will happen.

  Sound gets deeper!

Sound is the universal language.  This is how many beings communicate with us.  Think about it, all words start with a sound or a feeling.  And you can communicate multi-dimensionally through sound.

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Included In All Courses:

  • Weekly Live Webinar (plus recording)

  • Q&A Calls (plus recording)

  • Private Session/s

  • Personalized Recordings for YOU ~ Sound Code Transmissions

  • Workbook & Homework

  • Group Support

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