Bridging the Worlds

Giving is Healing

Receiving is Healing

Sharing is Healing

It is time that we return the land to the ones who have the wisdom and knowledge of how to caretake it. 

It is time we lay down our weapons of pride and ego and work with the ones who have been pleading for humans to listen.

It is time that we claim our responsibility for our actions.

I hear a lot of talking, but I still watch people 'take, take, take'.

Consumerism is fear based, fear of not living within the boxed comforts of this unhealthy 'modern' society.  We keep trying to build on top of a foundation that simply does not work.

When you purchase something you support it.

Bridging the Worlds is about self accountability. It's about the global vision where we all come together and stand as caretakers of this land.

Healing is for everyone.

10% of everything goes to

10% goes to the Aluna Fund

Planting one tree at a time, together let's make a real difference!

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