I am a lover of life!

I sing my songs and express myself as vibrantly as the sun shines, the moon glistens, and life creates.  For I am a child of this earth and I love to grow!

For as long as I can remember I have been singing and expressing myself through movement and voice, sharing my heart songs with Gaia.  I have been vocally & spiritually training my whole life, and I have had some amazing teachers.


However, it was more than singing.  Spirit had other things in store.  I am a truth teller, seer, empath, and knower of life.  From a young age I was being trained to also learn about the physical body, emotional body, and energy healing.

My life has been a journey of re-membering.  I've been a healer in every lifetime, in various forms and modalities, and I am highly intuitive with the confidence to follow it!

At age 15, my mother (a nurse) married an alternative Chiropractor.  It was then that my journey took a beautiful turn.  Two main things happened in my life.  One, my new step-dad practiced NET (an advanced emotional healing technique) that helped me heal many wounds and it taught me how to find resonance, track emotions, and understand the essence of a trigger.  Second, my mom became a Reiki and Pranic Healer.

Both of these people taught me so much, and created a platform for me to grow from.  I am eternally grateful for their assistance in this life.  It was because of this platform that I am now a master at tracking emotions to the root, finding resonance and cutting through the illusion of story.

In 2007, at the age of 24, I left my family and home to embark on my sacred path.   I moved from Kentucky to Montana to study Wildlife Biology and be the 'voice' of the animal kingdom.  And in the summer of 2009, I lived in the backcountry of Alaska where I found the stillness I knew existed but had yet to experience.

In 2010, I moved to Mexico and for the following four years I learned how to slow down and let go, realizing and releasing societal programs.  In 2011, I became an outdoor instructor for Outward Bound so that I could help people fall in love with Mother Earth. 


By 2013 I was ready to begin deeper spiritual training as these modalities where not getting to the core of what I knew to be true.  So, I dove into study.  I became a yoga teacher, took my Reiki I and II, studied laughing yoga, bought a whole set of Tibetan Bowls, and spent time at a healing community in my little Mexican Village.

In 2014, I left my husband and Mexico to follow a deep calling.  Spirit had been beckoning me for years but I didn't feel worthy of my own divine self and I was still partially denying myself me.  However, by this time it was clear that I needed to follow my inner knowing and truth or live a life of regret.  I knew I came here to share something with the world, and I had a lot of fear to release before I could but the strength to begin the journey.  So, I started in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

I began sharing my medicine with more and more confidence.  I began sharing my voice and dance. I studied Reiki II and trained with a master teacher in EFT.  I was re-claiming myself and remembering all that I already knew!

By 2015, spirit was directing me towards Bali, to study dance, where I discovered many people who helped me remember a depth that is indescribable.  Through song and dance I awakened to my purpose and opened gateways within, traveling between universes and connecting the inner planes of existence. Here, I put both feet into taking responsibility for this life, and owning the unique gifts I came here with to share. We all have unique gifts and this is my path - to help others open up to them and to ALLOW ourselves in instead of denying the amazing creatures of light that we are.


This awakening took me on a journey that changed my life forever, and I went into an intensive classroom where time was bent I learned 20 years of knowledge in one.  Since then, there has been no question in mind and no turning back.


I left Bali on an assignment to Australia ~ where my core shook and the ground broke.   Leading me to Egypt where I faced many challenges and removed many chains.  Returning to Bali to allow the mother to embrace me once again, healing the distortions in the sisterhood.  It was here, the second time, that spirit began telling me it was time and pushed me out the door.  And before I said goodbye to Mother Bali, I trained in Theta Healing.

My name is Christina Wells. I am a Medicine Woman, Planetary Priestess, and Master Creator in creation.  I share with you my story so that it may spark within you the memory of all that you know and are.  For you are WORTHY! And I am here NOW to share the medicine of Sound, Embodiment, Transformation & Creation. And I hold space for you to discover your truth.

I’ve been initiated with the Grandmothers, the Shamans, the Pleiadians, Hathor, Isis, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Tara, Christ Consciousness, Source and various others.  I REMEMBER and I continue to awaken to my internal memory!  Allow me to share with you the mysteries and guide you into your own self discovery!

The most important thing I have studied was myself.  It is in this way I have been mastering my energy and continuously evolving as an awakened being.  There is no end, LIFE IS THE JOURNEY!


I have experienced the pitfalls of not communicating and the transformations of voicing myself.  I have crumbled at the fear of speaking my truth and I have courageously spoken even when it seemed impossible.  Little did I know then, that all of these experiences where my training ground for my purpose of Vocal Activation.

It is my mission to awaken people through The Power of the Voice, during this time of global awakening as we journey towards the Golden Age of Miracles and creating Heaven on Earth.  So that we can gather as the collective choir that nature so perfectly mirrors.  Where we sing, express, and be our unique ray of sunshine.  WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT!  WE ARE THE RAINBOW BRIDGE!  Lets create the rainbows of light that we all see and love.  In this space of honoring each other, respecting each other, and giving ourselves and each other the permission to BE we will glide into Golden Age Here and Now!


Are you ready to be ACTIVATED? 

Are you ready to REMEMBER?

Claim Yourself