The Nature of Sound is a Journey

Sound is the creation of all things, the frequency of every living thing that vibrates into being. As we inhale, the movement of air is felt in a natural and rhythmic way just as the heart beats to a unique drum. This very beat is your unique signature, your song.  


Both scientific and fluidic, how we choose to tap into this space and use our voice influences both our inner and outer worlds.  Just as the synapses in the brain light up, creating a harmonic wave that circulates in a figure eight through your pineal gland. So does the sound move through your central nervous system, opening, expanding, awakening centers unfelt and unheard. 


Journey with me, through sound and voice…



I love Christina!!  She is a living example of what it's like to remember and accept yourself. Since taking this course, I feel more connected to myself and more present with the sacredness in all things. I walk past a flower and it seems more alive now. In fact, I think I can even hear it sing!

Christina is the embodiment of her teachings. She has so much love to give. Her private sessions included in her course are amazing! She also includes personal sound healings in the course that are on point and transformative.

Her courage and acceptance is contagious and allowed me to unfurl my souls song. This feeling of expansion continues to grow even now after the course. I am forever grateful to have a way to heal myself whenever I choose using my voice.


Thank you Christina with my Whole Heart!!!

Jennifer Willingham-Priest
MS Psychology



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